jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015


  • When your mother has grown old
    and with her so have you,
    When that which once came easy
    has at last become a burden,
    When her loving, true eyes
    no longer see life as once they did
    When her weary feet
    no longer want to wear her as she stands,
    then reach an arm to her shoulder,
    escort her gently, with happiness and passion
    The hour will come, when you, crying,
    must take her on her final walk.
    And if she asks you, then give her an answer
    And if she asks you again, listen!
    And if she asks you again, take in her words
    not impetuously, but gently and in peace!
    And if she cannot quite understand you,
    explain all to her gladly
    For the hour will come, the bitter hour
    when her mouth will ask for nothing more.
  • Adolf Hitler

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