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La guionista Gail Simone en su cuenta de twitter ha revelado que se encuentra embarcada en un proyecto que ha sido un sueño para ella hasta ahora, la Marvel Family:

"People may already know that my favorite superhero characters are probably the Marvel family, and I've never gotten to write them," said Simone, referring to Captain Marvel (now just called Shazam), his sister Mary Marvel, and sidekick Captain Marvel, Jr.

La idea es que la guionista se haga cargo de Mary Marvel, Grant Morrison escribiría al Captain Marvel Jr. y Mark Waid al Captain Marvel, llamado ahora SHAZAM.

Gail Simone también explico porque le gusta tanto la Marvel Family:

"The thing is, I love Mary Marvel for some very specific reasons," Simone explained. "I love the entire Marvel family because I think they are the best wish story in comics. They are poor, abandoned orphans with no one, and they are granted all the power in the world with a magic word. A word anyone reading could say." 
 "And they don't use their power to be grim dickheads, they use it to be kind and charming and to stop bullies and oppressors," she continued. "More than that, quite specifically, Mary Marvel was always one of the few girl heroes who actually behaved like a girl." 
"I can't stress what a big deal that was. So many young girls oversexualized or endlessly, shallowly aggressive in comics. But Mary had that early Peter Parker thing where she actually dealt with being young in a different, believable way." Simone finished the story saying the project was one of her "few real regrets" about an unused project.

Desde el New 52, SHAZAM ha aparecido como parte de la Justice League de Geoff Johns, y en vez de tener el panteón griego tradicional, está aliado con los New Gods. A la Marvel Family solo se le ha visto en Multiversity y Convergence.

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