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En una entrevista para MTV, el director de Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder ha dado sus opiniones sobre lo que muchos fans dicen que son spoilers de la película en el trailer y sobre la elección de Gal Gadot para el papel de Wonder Woman.

"I have the benefit of seeing the movie,” Snyder tells MTV. “It’s cool that they think it’s too much and I appreciate people not wanting to know, but there’s plenty that they don’t know. There’s a lot of movie that’s not in the trailer.” 

Habrá más sorpresas que las vistas en el trailer y despotricó contra los posibles spoilers rumoreados por internet.

“Of course I hate it when any spoilers come out! You design the movie as a story that evolves as you watch it, so moment-to-moment [you’re thinking], ‘Oh my god, what’s going to happen next? Are they gonna live? Are they gonna die?’ So you want that experience for the audience, as much as you can. If you’re, as an audience member, exploring these articles, looking for answers to questions that you have, maybe you’re okay with knowing before you go. It’s like an individual taste. But like I said, I want people to see the movie without knowing.” 

Sobre la elección de Gal Gadot como Wonder Woman dijo lo siguiente.

“We tested a bunch of actresses, as you can imagine. But the thing with Gal is that she’s strong, she’s beautiful, and she’s a kind person, which is interesting, but fierce at the same time. It’s that combination of being fierce but kind at the same time that we were looking for. She can get serious, but she’s amazingly fun to be around. And by the way, she really held her own with Ben in the screen test. Ben was like, ‘Whoa, that girl is something else!’ That was a good sign, because Ben is very tough in the scene, and he’s big and commanding. Anytime that you’re doing a test like that and you’re looking at the other person, you’re thinking, ‘Okay, that’s good stuff.’ That was part of the process, and over time as we got to know Gal, we found out how amazing she is.” 

Y aparte de alabar a Gal Gadot, aseguró que su aparición en la película es más que un simple cameo.

“You have to see the movie, because it gears into the drama of what’s happening, and if you see it in the context of the film, it completely makes sense that the two of them were trying to figure out who she is…” 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice se estrena el 25 de marzo.

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