jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017


First up in our “Super Powers Collection” of DC Maquettes is none other than Harley Quinn!! Harley stands at an amazing 18.5 inches tall on her elaborate “Abandoned Fun House Base” and features a clear flame and vapor trail.

The TWEETERHEAD limited Edition exclusive includes an extra head (not wearing goggles/scarf) and hand (pop-gun hand).

Harley’s concept, design, printing and paint work is by none other than Jason Wires of Jason Wires Production. Jason is a huge DC Nut and his passion for these characters is incredible!!
I think it really shows in this Harley Maquette. The follow ups to Harley that we’re collaborating on will blow your mind!!!
Harley goes on Pre-Sale next Tuesday, May 30th! Regular Edition will be sold at your favorite retailer on Tuesday as well.

Harley’s Credits include

Design: Joe Allard & Thomas Williams
Sculpture: Jason Smith
Prototype, Print, Paint: Jason Wires, JWP Crew, Paul Hanley, Matt Walters &Mike Mauldin
Photography: Matt Stein

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