lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017


Figura del Joker diseñada por Tetsuya Nomura, diseñador conocido por Final Fantasy y Kingdom Hearts.

The Joker collectible figure reimagines the iconic villain in multiple forms, from a terrifying Renaissance jester to the Red Hood to … a frail old man on life support. There are also interchangeable heads that offer classic and contemporary takes on The Joker, as well as something a little more monstrous. 
 As weird and wonderful as those seven interchangeable heads may be, they’re nothing compared to the body, which is attached to a robotic exoskeleton that can transform into a wheelchair, or something akin to clawed mechanical arms … protruding from The Joker’s back? Whatever this figure’s backstory is, it’s undoubtedly deeply disturbing.

DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai saldrá a la venta en septiembre de este año al precio de 266$.

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